MP’s statements for Öcalan at the Council of Europe

On the 10 October 2023 an international campaign entitled FREEDOM FOR OCALAN – A POLITICAL SOLUTION TO THE KURDISH QUESTION was launched with 74 meetings in different places around the world. The central event was held in Strasbourg, home of the Council of Europe and its European Court of Human Rights. The evening before, the French state withdrew permission for the Strasbourg event. The foreign guests and hundreds of Kurds were forced to hold their demonstration in a small, isolated side-street, while MPs in the Council of Europe gave their statements in the council building.

More about the campaign here

And about the Council of Europe event and French state ban here

Introductory statement (Sarah Glynn)

Emmanuel Fernandes MP (France)

Paul Gavan MP (Ireland)

Laura Castel MP (Catalonia)

Jeremy Corbyn MP (U.K.)

Also present were MPs Andrej Hunko from Germany, Søren Søndergaard from Denmark, Andrea Orlando from Italy, and Alexis Tsipras from Greece.

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